We love Artwork drop off day!

Here is a wee peek at just a few of the amazing pieces for auction on Saturday 18 June! The full collection will be available to view on 1 June.

Artist Feature

Vanessa Lombardo is a local legend. An artist by profession for many years, she has a warmth and passion for the Arts that is felt by all those who have worked with her. Having had two children graduate from Arts programs at Mt Lawley Senior High School, Vanessa has been a driving force behind the Lawley Art Auction, and this year we are lucky to have two of her beautiful pieces in the Silent Auction.

As committed to nurturing the creative spirit in children and adults alike, Vanessa’s work also reflects her passion for nature, often highlighting the plight of Australian endangered Fauna and Flora.

This year her works include “Chuditch Nest”, printed from a hand drawn copper etching plate. Returning after a 20 year hiatus with this particular printmaking technique, Vanessa was inspired by new technology which allows etching to be a far less toxic process.

With her second piece, “Chuditch on Woodgrain” she worked from the original etching print, scanning it and adding hand drawn flora, then using Photoshop to enhance the work further. She then digitally prints on to thin slivers of wood. Vanessa admits some graphic design colleagues may consider her process “to be so cumbersome with my approach, but it allows me to work in layers adding colours and contrast, which suits me as a printmaker…I think in layers”.

Vanessa runs a successful art workshop in her Mt Hawthorn studio (Little Arthouse) and here we captured her at her very natural best – inspiring the artists of tomorrow to create works of beauty and uniqueness, all with big smiles on their faces.

This Saturday 19th June, please come and see her work and the work of so many of the WA artists who join us each year to celebrate the joy which the Arts brings to all our lives. With live music and refreshments from 5pm and the live auction from 7pm, we’d love to see you at Mt Lawley Senior High School.

2021 Crust Creations!

What a creative afternoon! A group of enthusiastic Arts students from Mt Lawley SHS worked with some of this year’s talented Lawley Art Auction artists to create their very own ‘Crust Creations’.

Watch the fantastic video below, music credit: ‘Rainbows by Scott Buckley’

Using just their wit, imagination, Crust Pizza cardboard pizza boxes, basic art tools and some excellent teamwork, they produced their own amazing unique sculptures. Working in teams facilitated by an artist, the students’ works were then reviewed by the judging panel of the school Principal, Ms Lesley Street, and two volunteer Lawley Art Auction committee members.

Proudly sponsored by one of LAA’s Gold level sponsors, Crust Pizzas of Mt Lawley, prizes were awarded well-received pizza vouchers to the winning teams. Thanks to Crust Pizzas of Mt Lawley and all who participated, it added that extra excitement to the buzz of this year’s Artwork Drop-Off Day.


People’s Choice Awards – Congratulations Karen Chappelow!

Massive congratulations to the lovely Karen Chappelow, whose work “The Girl and the Goldfish” won the People’s Choice Award at this year’s LAA.

There were so many wonderful artworks on display, but the vibrancy and colours made this work a standout.

Congratulations Karen! Find out more about Karen’s work here:


Insta: artistjourney_karen 

Crustworthy 2019

Thanks to the generous community spirit of Crust Pizza (Mount Lawley, Western Australia), ‘Crustworthy’ 2019 was awe-inspiring and a brilliant opportunity for students of Mt Lawley Senior High School’s Arts programs to get creative with some pizza dough art!

As a prelude to this year’s Lawley Art Auction, five of the local artists involved were on hand to judge the resulting pizza dough artwork after six students got busy in the kitchen of Crust Gourmet Pizza earlier that day. From hearts and swans to mandalas and a deep sea inspired piece of hanging art, the students relished the opportunity to stretch their creative minds with the promise of a pizza party as top prize.

Artists Jillian & Peter Ciemitis, Karla Freitag, Peter Campagna and Greg Ash were on hand to inspire students in attendance and were impressed with the level of mastery wielded by students when given the opportunity to flourish. “The divergent thinking evident tonight in these creations from the students of Mt Lawley is a testament to the possibilities for the future of the arts” said Peter Ciemitis.

The creations also received rave reviews from fellow students in attendance, as well as the parent volunteers behind the Lawley Art Auction. Chowing down on delicious pizza, all guests also enjoyed beautiful music from talented year 11 MLSHS Music students Eli Metcalf and Rosie Dagless.