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Vanessa Lombardo is a local legend. An artist by profession for many years, she has a warmth and passion for the Arts that is felt by all those who have worked with her. Having had two children graduate from Arts programs at Mt Lawley Senior High School, Vanessa has been a driving force behind the Lawley Art Auction, and this year we are lucky to have two of her beautiful pieces in the Silent Auction.

As committed to nurturing the creative spirit in children and adults alike, Vanessa’s work also reflects her passion for nature, often highlighting the plight of Australian endangered Fauna and Flora.

This year her works include “Chuditch Nest”, printed from a hand drawn copper etching plate. Returning after a 20 year hiatus with this particular printmaking technique, Vanessa was inspired by new technology which allows etching to be a far less toxic process.

With her second piece, “Chuditch on Woodgrain” she worked from the original etching print, scanning it and adding hand drawn flora, then using Photoshop to enhance the work further. She then digitally prints on to thin slivers of wood. Vanessa admits some graphic design colleagues may consider her process “to be so cumbersome with my approach, but it allows me to work in layers adding colours and contrast, which suits me as a printmaker…I think in layers”.

Vanessa runs a successful art workshop in her Mt Hawthorn studio (Little Arthouse) and here we captured her at her very natural best – inspiring the artists of tomorrow to create works of beauty and uniqueness, all with big smiles on their faces.

This Saturday 19th June, please come and see her work and the work of so many of the WA artists who join us each year to celebrate the joy which the Arts brings to all our lives. With live music and refreshments from 5pm and the live auction from 7pm, we’d love to see you at Mt Lawley Senior High School.

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