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We are eagerly awaiting registrations from artists for this years’ auction, closing soon on April 8th.

If you are still considering whether to be a part of the best school art auction in town, let us persuade you with comments from previous artists about their experience with the Lawley Art Auction:

“Glad to be involved in such a worthwhile cause, and love to be a part of the show again next year. Thanks for all of the hard work you and the rest of the team put in.” Miik Green

“Thank you very much, it was indeed an honour to be part of, I very much enjoyed myself. I’m very happy to contribute to the children, whom I must say are a very admirable bunch (the ones I had the chance to meet). To all again a very fabulous, well organised, and fun night- congratulations. See you next year.” Karen Chappelow

“Congratulations to all of your team at Mount Lawley Art Auction for again making such a splendid event; a collection of rich, expressive, and skilled art work, both smooth and energetic live music, delightful wine and food and smiling faces in every direction. The feeling of a “good night” was definitely in the air. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to again include my artwork and I look forward to next year presenting new works for consideration. Kind regards, William” William Stransky



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