First peek at this year’s artwork

We recently were delighted to receive submissions of the artwork for this year’s auction.

The range of work was impressive, the standard was high and the artists were wonderful!

The committee spent their Sunday working hard to ensure that every piece was registered and handled with great care, ably assisted by enthusiastic students from the SVAPA and Music programs. The hard working parents and families involved were also thrilled to be supported by the current Principal for MLSHS, Lesley Street, pictured below with some of our students and one of our Gold level sponsors, Matt Seabrook from Stuart Weston Real Estate.



Deadline extended!

Artists of Perth, your lucky day is here. We have extended the deadline for submission of artist registrations by one week, to Monday April 16th.

Thank you for all the registrations received so far, we’re excited and we look forward to receiving more!

Lawley Art Auction this Saturday 10 June

From 5pm, Saturday 10 June, Perth’s in-crowd will be arriving at Mount Lawley Senior High School for an evening of art and culture like no other.

The 2017 Lawley Art Auction will showcase an exquisite and diverse range of artworks produced by emerging and established WA artists with the aim to raise funds for the school’s arts programs.

Now entering its 14th year, the Lawley Art Auction has become one of the flagship fundraising events on the Perth arts calendar. In 2017, organisers have stepped it up a gear, with students from the WA Youth Culinary team ready to serve up their own artistic and delectable creations to a hungry crowd.

With a truly diverse collection of artworks for sale from 88 artists across Perth and regional areas, the Lawley Art Auction is sure to attract an enthusiastic bidding audience on the lookout for original work from local artists at competitive prices.

The Lawley Art Auction catalogue is available to view online at also to purchase for $5 on auction night. Please click here to see a map with parking information. Guides will be on hand to direct you to the venue in the Senior School Building.

Come and enjoy a fabulous evening of fine art with professional auctioneer Matt Donnelly, live music, delicious food & drinks, raffle, silent auction and the inauguration of The Irving Gallery which will have works of art for sale.

This June, when the hammer goes down at 7pm, the phrase ‘taking in some art’ takes on a whole new (and literal) meaning. EFTPOS facilities will be available, however bring change for raffles and gold coin donation for tea or coffee with a sweet treat.

Look forward to seeing you there!

View the artworks which will be priced and available for sale in the Irving gallery on 10 June.

View the artworks which will be part of the live auction on 10 June.

Irving gallery created in honour of teacher

The Parent Committee for the Lawley Art Auction is delighted to announce that this year, for the first time, a special Gallery will display artworks which are available at set prices.

“Dr Dale” (front) has been an inspiration to performing arts students for many years.

The Irving Gallery will sell artworks in conjunction with the live auction on June 10 and is open for viewing from 5pm. A sneak preview is available on our website now!

The Gallery has been named after Dr Dale Irving, a true visionary and an outstanding Drama and Arts educator at Mount Lawley Senior High School for over 24 years.

During the creation of the MLSHS middle school, Dale brought together a Cross-Arts teaching method, seeking to bridge the gaps between the traditionally segregated arts disciplines of Art, Drama, Music, Dance and Media. The Specialist Visual and Performing Arts (SVAPA) Program commenced in 2000.

Through her co-ordination of the program Dale developed an engagement with external industry professionals. She built an excellent reputation for the arts within the school and in the broader community, including links with the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, WAAPA and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, PICA.

Dr Dale Irving’s combined work ethic and profound love of the rebellious nature of art has built a program that has endured and prospered. The current Arts students, staff and parents at MLSHS commend her for these outstanding years of service.

The SVAPA program now continues under the guidance of Dale’s colleague, Moya Thomas:

When I was a student, walking into Dale’s classroom was like an oasis, a paradise. 

I remember one class we entered, the room was dark and her voice calmly boomed from out of nowhere. “Find a space, lay down”.

I will never forget that we spent an entire lesson, lying there, visualising, being still, taking in time, space, moments, breath. I knew this sense of stillness to be important but a teacher taking that time to reinforce it in a high school setting was, for me, revolutionary.

Other times we spent lessons doing authentic movement, free flow writing, playing, and sharing, without judgement…without hang-ups, a place for our own pace…a place to fail and learn. Dale made us feel rebellious, confrontational, experimental, truth-seekers, to trust each other and ourselves. You could say she made us in her image.

Moya Thomas, Graduated Student 2000, Drama Colleague and SVAPA Coordinator.

Three ways to get ‘Arty’ in 2017

This year the Lawley Art Auction event on June 10 will provide our guests with a three ways to acquire a beautiful piece of artwork for your home. 

Thanks to the generosity of local artists, special items will be available through our silent auction and raffle. Students will be selling tickets, so please bring some spare change.

The Live Auction is always a highlight of the evening, with students displaying the pieces while experienced auctioneer Matt Donnelly works the crowd for the very first time at Mt Lawley.

A special gallery has also been created for those art lovers who would like to purchase a priced piece without participating in the live auction. (Viewing of all art begins at 5pm and the hammer goes down at 7pm.) This gallery has been named after much loved MLSHS teacher, Dr Dale Irving. Here are just a few comments from Dr Irving’s former students:

Dale Irving was a great influence and inspiration to my peers and myself from the early beginnings of the SVAPA program to my final years in the arts at MLSHS. Encouraging and genuinely passionate of individuality and creativity in young people she helped me explore my identity with the arts fearlessly, shaping the artist I have become today. Dale Irving has and continues to be an amazing asset in not only the education of young people but the arts community as a whole, I consider myself lucky to have been one of her students. Julian Peet, Graduated Student 2007, Music Specialist at Hale School, and lead guitarist of Old Blood, winners of WAM Best Blues and Roots Award 2016.

 SVAPA was home to a lot of us. People who didn’t quite fit in the mainstream, who were allowed to go in to the Tricycle theatre and make, and be trusted to make. Dr Irving always trusted our work and was proud of it and worked hard to defend our right to have the opportunity to make. I was one of the kids who just kept making and I now run an emerging theatre company. If it weren’t for the foundations of collaboration I learnt in SVAPA, thanks to Dr Irving, I wouldn’t be the artist I am today. Isabelle McDonald, 2011 Graduated Student, currently Director of Rorschach Beast Theatre Company and recent winner of the Martin Sims Award, Fringe 2017 for Bus Boy

 As both a student in the SVAPA program and WACE level drama I was fortunate enough to have Dr Irving as a teacher throughout my entire education at MLSHS. She is incredibly committed and genuinely invested in her students and their education – it feels as though you are her top priority. As a student, a class is always far more engaging and enjoyable when a teacher shows a genuine passion for their subject, and Dr Irving’s passion for the arts made her classes something to look forward to. Through my participation in the SVAPA program and WACE level drama, I have been provided with a lifelong love for the arts, as well as the skills and knowledge required for me to pursue a career in them. Being taught by Dr Irving was a true privilege. Hannah Cockroft, 2013 Graduated Student.