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How do I enter the Lawley Art Auction in 2018?

Ideally you will register with us online by clicking the Entry Form link and completing our online form. Alternatively, you can post in your entry form to our Artist Coordinator. There is a pdf for you to print out and complete on our entry form if you wish to do this.

When do Artists’ entry forms need to be received?

As per our Terms and Conditions, online or posted forms are due with us by close 4:30pm on Monday 16 April 2018.

How many artworks can I enter for the Lawley Art Auction?

Generally we accept one artwork registration per Artist. Our auction is one of a kind in Western Australia and as a result has been over-subscribed most years. West Australian Artists love Lawley Art Auction! However, as the main source of funds for all of Mount Lawley Senior High School’s Arts Programs, we do accept multiple works from well-known West Australian Artists, financially we just have to. Please talk to our Artist Co-ordinator in this instance.

How large can each artwork be?

Each artwork must not exceed 1.2m in any direction. The weight of the artwork is also a concern for us. Please submit work under 20 kilos (if 2D) and under 50 kilos (if 3D). We just don’t have the heavy lifting equipment or the physical space in our auction room!

Does Lawley Art Auction accept all mediums?

Yes, we definitely do! The team at Lawley Art Auction loves diversity and so does our buying audience. We do ask you to please ensure all work is fully dry, framed securely (if 2D) and boxed appropriately (if 3D) and/or fragile. It would be a shame for us to turn you away because of a wet canvas or a damaged frame.

How much information do you need for the Artist bio data?

We would love to hear about your art history and motivations, but please try to be as brief as you can. Our 36-page catalogue is mostly images and Artist Biographies, and we like to keep everyone between 50 and 100 words. The buying audience is interested in your recent artwork, any awards you may have received, and your inspiration.

How should I work out the minimum reserve price for my artwork?

Sometimes it is tricky for Artists to come up with an amount for their minimum reserve. Generally start with the amount you would like as the bare minimum. The auctioneer will start at this price with the aim of getting bids going to a much higher amount. If your minimum reserve is too high it is really hard for the auctioneer to get the bids started, and sadly it could then be “passed in”. Some figures to guide you, the highest sale price is usually around $2,500.00, with the average sale price around $550.00.

When does Lawley Art Auction need the artwork?

Lawley Art Auction delivery day is Sunday 6 May 2018 between 1.00pm and 5.00pm.

Why does Lawley Art Auction need the artwork 6 weeks before the Auction?

There are many reasons why we need your artwork early. Mainly it is because we produce a high quality auction catalogue, which takes weeks to prepare. We also put your work and your biography onto our website to increase buyer interest. On artwork delivery day we confirm all the information on your entry form and often we re-photograph artwork, so it will look its absolute best for the auction catalogue. We then re-wrap and label your work and place it in a locked/alarmed room until the auction weekend. Rest assured, it is very safe.

Does the artwork need to be professionally photographed?

That would be wonderful, however we understand this is not always possible. Lawley Art Auction is very happy for you to attach the best photograph you can stage; using the highest quality resolution your camera can manage. If we receive the photograph and it’s not to the standard we require we will have a professional photographer on hand on artwork delivery day to photograph your piece.

Does Lawley Art Auction accept every artwork for Auction?

Each year Lawley Art Auction is oversubscribed, we just have too much artwork to sell on one night! Regrettably, this means we may not select every piece of artwork submitted.

What percentage do I receive if my artwork is sold?

The auctioneer will always try to achieve the highest amount possible for your artwork on the night. This is our top priority! Once sold, you will receive 60% of that sale price, unless you have donated your artwork to the school.

What happens if my artwork goes “into negotiation” at the end of auction night?

We have an experienced negotiator available during and after the auction to catch as many sales as possible. If your piece goes into negotiation we will phone you, either that night or over the next week. The Lawley Art Auction team operate from the premise that most artists would prefer to have their artwork sold, if possible, but we would never want to devalue your work by accepting too low an offer. Once sold you will receive 60% of the sale price.

When will I receive the funds from the sale of my work?

Lawley Art Auction endeavours to pay our artists as soon as possible. You should receive a cheque around 2 weeks after the auction. Please do advise Lawley Art Auction if you require a different name on your commission cheque to that detailed in our Auction catalogue.

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